Re-grouping on a Monday

the habit of being_regrouping on a monday

Monday morning. Sunshine. The house is freezing because someone *cough* the Mister *cough* decided to knock the a/c way, way down last night.

I stayed up too late last night binge watching Peaky Blinders so I woke up to find the younger three playing Calico Critters together in the sunny spot of the living room. The older three are still asleep. I have this overwhelming urge to be out, in the sunshine so I think I’ll pop on a pair of flip flops with my pjs, grab my cup of tea, and head out to the porch to spend some time doing nothing. There is something special about a summer morning I feel called to enjoy. For once, I’ll take my advice and remember: Laundry can wait. School can wait.

Have a great week, loves!




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