weekending. my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just be. if you’d like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to your weekend post or flickr photo in the comments.

saturday morning dawned grey and breezy
a fine drizzle of a rain
i couldn’t have been happier
home with my boys
frying up bacon
smearing cream cheese on toasted bagels
the girls all a-twitter as they readied to go out to breakfast with the mr.
the mr. texted photos of his morning with the girls
while i was curled up on the sofa between the boys, babe in my lap
sharing bacon and bagels while watching this
there was laughter over all manner of stinky things
you know, things that make little boys roll with laughter
we each chose our favorite animal, our favorite superhero
and i must admit, sitting there drinking coffee between those two little bodies
i relished their pure boyishness, big hearts with a pinch of gross
in the kitchen refilling my coffee cup i overheard:
9yo: i love you buddy
3yo: i wub you mo
and well, knees weak
all that sweetness rendered me a puddle in the kitchen floor
wondering how i deserve to be surrounded by so much goodness and love
and thankful. always thankful
sunday morning sleeping in
biscuits and sausage and steaming cups of coffee
a babe cooing softly in my lap
the mr. and i will be working today
deadlines schmeadlines
tonight, the bittersweet ending of this

how was your weekend?

ps: lady cordelia, that plate was thrifted. i swear you were there in spirit.
pps: if i owe you an email, apologies. soon.

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  • What sweetness! I want a little boy to share those things with so badly! Maybe some day!

    Have a great week, friend!


  • There is something about little boys that melts my heart..stinky and all.
    You DO deserve all this love and goodness Amanda,
    please know that [[hugs]]!ReplyCancel

  • Such a sweet feeling when boys express their sibling love. It’s a wonderful way to spend a weekend!ReplyCancel

  • christine

    Since you mentioned Lark Rise to Candleford awhile back I started watching it- I’m totally hooked- ) Just finishing season 2…
    Since I’m here in Spain (and cheap- no Netflix here only iTunes) I watch on youtube…9minutes 55 seconds at a time!!
    Loving it- thanks for the tip.ReplyCancel

  • I have to admit that what my son loved was equally relished by what my daughter was into. Who knew that I could enjoy “boy stuff” being raised around girls (and of course being one myself!). Like you I was counting my blessings yesterday :)


  • We had a great weekend of ice cream “at the farm” as the kids call it (an awesome local ice cream place), beautiful weather yesterday, clean floors, homemade cookies, lovely rain today, knitting, watching “Forks over Knives” and now onto dinner! Your weekend sounds lovely too! Enjoy the end of Larkrise. I was so sad when that series was over. Now we’re into Doc. Martin. Have you tried it? Very funny.ReplyCancel

  • Oh, Amanda, what a perfect weekend…..little boys are the best (usually….no drama….just stinky little lovies) (of course, love those little princesses, too!!!!!)

    my weekend was a tad more frenetic…

  • Oh what a wonderful time you had! The conversation between your boys melted my heart! We’ve been attacked by bad spring allergies but we still managed to fit in some fun times this weekend! http://ihappyree.blogspot.com/2012/04/weekending_22.htmlReplyCancel

  • Sounds so much like my two boys. Of course, my little girl can hang with the best of their icks. So glad you had a rainy day. We spent our rainy day filling our bare fridge. It is much fun getting acclimated to our new home and place. I so thoroughly enjoyed Larkrise, but I never watched the fourth season. Time to fix that.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds delightful, weak knees and all. Those little boys of ours, gotta love them. That beautiful picture reminds me I need to order one of those lids! Here is mine:


  • Oh, sweet heart-melting boys. I love em.


  • What a cozy weekend. How will you live without “our Laura”? I suggest the series Land Girls. http://wp.me/sWH4b-beeReplyCancel

  • Just beautiful, thank heaven for little boys, xxx.

    Here is some of my weekend. Thank you Sweet Amanda. + a giveaway.


    Love Katie xxxReplyCancel

  • Love that you had a special morning with your boys….it sounds very cozy and silly and happy :)ReplyCancel

  • Catching up with friends
    Croissants and coffee and a lie in on Saturday morning
    A truffle making class with the mr. on Saturday
    Baking bread
    Hot bacon rolls on freshly made bread :)
    A trip to the garden centre and tidying our back yard
    The Good Wife
    Finding out some dear friends from NZ are going to visit later this year and will be here for my 40th birthday party.
    Painting my nails
    Planting mouse melon seeds (I couldn’t resist that name!)ReplyCancel

  • Wait a minute….is that a drinkable top to your cup? Now I have to read back in your posts. I seem to remember you talking about a new cup. Whoaoa. Love it.
    I love splitting up the babes with the hubs — quality time in a smaller set is so dreamy sometimes. Sounds like you enjoyed your little man time. What a sweet sibling comment to overhear. Gosh. I’d swoon into a puddle, too.
    And, thanks. Girl crush. Someday we can have our own little open mic amid vintage kitchen curtains, fantastic coffee and homemade pie. My kitchen or yours??

  • Hi Amanda
    Sounds like a lovely weekend. Sibling love expressed just melts my heart. The other day my boy said he wants to marry his little sister ’cause he loves her so much, such sweetness (I try to hang on to those moments since he’s usually doing his best to kill her). Love that cup in the pic, where on earth did you get it?
    Don’t have a weekend post to share, but I wanted to let you know that I was very inspired by your 41 before 41-list and made one of my own.


    All the best to you and yours!ReplyCancel

  • Love the flow of your weekend.
    There was some bacon (the turkey kind) in ours too.

  • After fighting the orange cones of the streets I gave up and had a weekend on the patio doing nothing more than knitting and sipping tea. Your weekend sounds relaxing and beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Those sibling moments are so precious. I adore my time with Silas, but, to be honest, I am so excited at the thought of watching him grown and love with future brothers and sisters.

    Our Weekend: http://alifesustained.blogspot.com/2012/04/weekending_23.htmlReplyCancel

  • that photo, this morning, is balm to my tired soul.
    i have a stinky girl! lol
    my knees would have weakened as well. gorgeous.


  • Sibling love has such a way of melting a mama’s heart…especially with boys because the scrap so much. A friend’s mother told me one time that a child’s love is special, but the bond between a mother and son is different, maybe because we are the first woman they ever love. Enjoy!ReplyCancel

  • Big hearts with a pinch of gross—perfect! That exactly describes my boys too!ReplyCancel

  • I have no idea where my weekend went. Between sleep deprivation and crazy boys.. it’s all a blur! I did finish knitting a pair of longies, though – complete with pocket for little treasures! (:ReplyCancel

  • so much bliss!!! we’ve got a bit of gross in the girls and the boy. couldn’t shuffle the card deck without them giggling “eeeeww, mommy farted!!!” I love hearing those sweet exchanges between siblings.

    i’m excitedly waiting for my cuppow to arrive! :)ReplyCancel

  • Heck, I am proud of you; that dish is splendid. What a sweet family you have. I adore hearing about their love for each other. So funny, you were watching Justice League-something about boys and their superheroes. I love Wonder Woman (the series) myself.
    You know Amanda, I think you should also be a food writer. I think you could write a description of liver and onions and I would want to eat it. I love hearing about your meals.
    Have a great week!

  • I want the plate.
    your pictures make the little things in life LOOK SO GOOD!
    I love reading about your boys. So sweet.
    Darling! I have no boys, so I’ll have to live vicariously thru reading about yours.ReplyCancel

  • this is good. really good. and the time with your boys… priceless.
    eh, we could use that plate, for slices of pie, scoops of cobbler, grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream. wink.

  • […] at the beach… this pretty much sums up the entire weekend […]ReplyCancel

  • Hi,
    I’ve seen weekending posts around and am joining in for the first time. I have two sons (ages 8 and 5) and I love the way you’ve shared your morning with them.

    We spent our weekend lazing, gazing, skipping stones, and scrambling over logs at the beach.



  • what is it about these last posts of yours that make me weepy? you write so eloquently and sincerly, must be. i think your love for minimalism carries into your words too, something i so admire. you are all such a beautiful family. sending hugs and love, loriReplyCancel

  • What a wonderful weekend! It’s nice that you and your little boys had time together as the Mr. had time with the ladies. Very sweet.ReplyCancel

  • neighbor friends gifted us both with cuppows, just because. LOVING them! (thanks again for putting them on my radar)ReplyCancel