weekending. my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just be. if you’d like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to your weekend post or flickr photo in the comments.

this weekend was grey and wet and then just plain old grey
i loved it because it meant cozying up inside
with a good book, some knitting, coffee
there was that moment early saturday afternoon when the sun appeared
hence the rather light-filled photo
that lasted about five minutes and then the overcast skies reappeared
we watched moneyball which was a great story despite the
whole baseball thing
have you seen it? did you find that brad pitt resembles robert redford in certain shots?
maybe it’s the longer hair, maybe
sunday morning found me running to whole foods to pick up supplies for those with the beginnings of a cold
a bar of chocolate for me (consider it a morale booster)
salsa has been made
chicken tacos are in the crockpot making the house smell yummy
the mr. and the three older kids will take the fixings to a friend’s to watch the superbowl commercials
i will stay home with the mighty nacho and my wee girl
and after the nacho goes to bed, i will curl up on the sofa with my girl,
my knitting, my chocolate and watch a movie that would
drive my husband crazy and generate all sorts of commentary from the sole occupant of the peanut gallery
then i’ll sit in silence
listening to the grunts and squeaks of my girl
as i knit and wait
for the return of my bigger littles
they’ll tell me all about the commercials, how hard they laughed
i’ll do my best to ignore their sugar high
tuck myself into bed and as i curl around my sweet babe
i’ll hear their hushed giggles and whispers in the other room and
remind myself, these are the magical days

how was your weekend?

ps: february link love has been updated —->

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  • Aah, a very good, very sad film, The Sweet Hereafter. The soundtrack is one of my favourites ever.
    We had some perfectly timed snow, which is now melting as the weekend finishes.


    • i’ve heard that about the film, hence the viewing sans the mr. 😉ReplyCancel

  • your weekend sounds very magical indeed :)ReplyCancel

  • i loved the Sweet Hereafter so much – haven’t seen Moneyball yet – your weekend sounds fulfilling on so many levels – enjoy your wee littles
    linking up my weekend love http://www.cynthiacrysdale.com/?p=352ReplyCancel

    • so glad to know you liked the movie…can’t wait until bedtime so i can watch it!ReplyCancel

  • I do think Brad Pitt looks like Redford. I haven’t seen the movie yet. My son is a math geek so it would be fun to see it with him when he is home. I hope the cold is mild and goes away and not through the house.ReplyCancel

  • I did think the samething about Brad Pitt! I really do think it’s the longer hair Mr. Pitt was sporting that helped with this. I thought your rain was headed my way, but it, once again, went above us. Enjoy your sweet little girl and the nacho too!

    • exactly! it was totally the longer hair. and i swear, i think they must have had him stand in certain ways, head tilted just so to help the resemblance along.ReplyCancel

  • We watched Moneyball this weekend too! Actually Brad Pitt reminded me of Benecio Del Toro, who is also lovely. I’m on kind of a baseball kick, reading The Art of Fielding, which is amazing. The Sweet Hereafter is SO SAD. I saw it years ago and I wouldn’t go near it now that I have a child. But then I’ve been a total wuss with movies and sobbed all the way through the new Planet of the Apes. So, you know, maybe don’t go by me so much.ReplyCancel

    • the mr. is the same. if it involves something tragic and a child, he can’t watch it.

      i love, love benicio and there is a slight something there but the robert redford thing was more evident for me.ReplyCancel

  • A beautiful weekend Amanda. It sounds just yummy. It made me want to go back to bed though – and here it is mid-morning – maybe I’ll have a coffee instead.

    Here is my weekend;


    Take precious care,

    Love Katie xReplyCancel

  • i think brad pitt wonders in every shot of his life “do i look like redford?”ReplyCancel

    • bwahahaha! tu connais combien je t’aime, n’est-ce pas? et le snark, j’aime beaucoup le snark 😉ReplyCancel

  • mmmmm…..you make having a little cold
    sound positively cozy
    …sniffles and sweetness:)
    what a beautiful heart you have,

  • Pamela

    My number three has had a migraine all weekend. Motrin and peppermint oil have not touched it at all. Sad boy he is. There has been knitting for a new babe, praying for that new babe as he was in the NICU almost straight away (better now). We churched and visited the Mister’s family and celebrated the planning of a beautiful wedding. There were movies, laundry, a wet bed, cookies eaten while the chocolate was still hot and melty. All in all, not too shabby.ReplyCancel

    • admin

      no fun! does he get them frequently?ReplyCancel

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  • What a wonderful weekend, Amanda. I hope you enjoyed the movie. My Mr is a peanut gallery movie watcher too. That is, until he wants us to be quiet while he’s watching something he likes! Our weekend was a lot of fun… for some of us!


  • We really loved Moneyball, too (and you’re right–there is that resemblance). Watched Contagion this weekend—now I’m crazily running from coughing and sneezing people–and watching where I put my hands.
    Your girl time sounded quite nice–and I’m glad you caught the few minutes of sunshine: if we had any this weekend, I missed it.ReplyCancel

  • sounds so lovely and cozy. we liked moneyball and now that i think of it your right. enjoy your chocolate!ReplyCancel

  • I hope you enjoyed your quiet evening. I kinda wish the game was not watched here – although I’m quite sure I couldn’t handle your sad movie either. I’m a crier…big time. PS I Love You almost killed me. I can only imagine what The Sweet Hereafter would do to me.
    Enjoy those moments. xoReplyCancel

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  • I loved Moneyball, despite the sports. And Russell Banks – ever since Affliction I’ve loved his depressed writing. I hope you’re feeling better. The updated love list sure brightened my mood. Goodness, you’ve posted some fine words there.
    My weekend started with a solo date. The best, just me and an empty house.

  • Though he’s not (and never been) a favorite of mine, I’ve always thought there was a little resemblence of Robert Redford in Brad Pitt.

    I think I would need two boxes of tissues for that movie. Wow!

    Here’s my weekend post, Amanda:

  • Sounds like a great weekend. Enjoy your week!ReplyCancel

  • Your yarn looks so yummy in the light. We have been recuperating after a big 7 celebration. Brad Pitt – I think you are on to something.ReplyCancel

  • Sounds like a great cozy weekend to me. Chicken tacos in the crockpot? Can you share the recipe?ReplyCancel

    • admin

      i will be happy to share it! maybe i should do a chicken taco and brownie post 😉ReplyCancel

  • Your weekend sounds nice and cozy. Mine was a bit overloaded, but I got to see a great peacemaker speak.

  • what a lovely weekend.

    Chicken tacos sound divine and that yarn colour is amazing.

    Here’s ours:

    Take care,

  • Ah wonderful weekend. Moneyball is on my list. I have always thought Brad Pitt and Mr. Redford looked like twins. So fun to hear bout your girl’s grunts and squeaks-what a special time. Do you cook your salsa? I am interested in different recipes. I just chop and blend so far.
    Here’s our weekend:http://peachcoglo.typepad.com/peach-coglo/2012/02/weekendingfebruary-5-2012.html

    • admin

      yep, salsa is just blended, no cooking needed.ReplyCancel

  • Lovely times, snuggling with your sweet new girl when the house is quiet. Still doing a lot of that here, too. Thanks for the movie rec – I haven’t heard of it, and will save it for a time when a few tears sound good.ReplyCancel

  • I loved moneyball, and I do believe they could be brothers! And isn’t amazing what a bar of chocolate can do? Glad to hear there was so much time for knitting, appreciating and reflecting. That picture is wonderful :).


  • magical days indeed.
    and YES my husband called the Robert Redford thing as well. Funny to hear it from you too.
    I loved Moneyball too- that there was no romantic side-story was so very refreshing.

  • Sounds like a great weekend, despite the oncoming colds (boo!). I need to see The Sweet Hereafter again. I’ve only seen it once…in college. Certain scenes are still very vivid in my mind, but the overall film has been mostly forgotten. I’ve been surprised at how radically my views on some movies has changed as I’ve watched them and rewatched them at different stages in my life. :)

    Our weekend: http://alifesustained.blogspot.com/2012/02/weekending.htmlReplyCancel

  • Sometimes a long, rainy weekend is so, so good. You just made me want some chicken in my crockpot too!

    Our weekend was a bit long and exhausting but we’re looking forward to a full and celebratory one next time!ReplyCancel

  • I’d love to watch The Sweet Hereafter again — I saw it years and years ago, waaaaaaay before mamahood, and I wonder if I could bear it now? Still, the movie poster in the IMDB link is enough to make me think there are all kinds of ways it would resonate now that it didn’t 10 years ago.

    Loved Moneyball. I took myself out on a solo date to see it a few months ago, to boot, which made it extra delicious.ReplyCancel