weekending. my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just be. if you’d like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to your weekend post or flickr photo in the comments.

this weekend was
bagels and cream cheese
a walk around the neighborhood
picking up giant acorns and
picking a few oranges
digging through old baby clothes to
find something for this wee babe to wear
unfortunately my others were all born in the heat of summer but
it was fun to hold up wee shoes and pants
the kidlets all giggling over how cute they must’ve been
walking some property we’d like to buy if everything fell into place
not the acres of the big dream but something to call our own
talking to the maybe neighbors and finding them normal, friendly
breathing a sigh of relief when we got back into the car
they’re the kind of people you’d want to have over if it all worked out
watching judy moody with my girls while
eating pizza and still-warm chocolate chip cookies in the living room floor
enjoying my steel cut oats and hot coffee in an almost quiet house
with a half asleep nacho curled up in what is left of my lap
putting pretty labels on bottles of hair oil, face oil, lip balm i made
gifts for friends, done (feels so good to say that)
an afternoon spent watching the kids run around the yard
collecting leaves
making lists to get ready for the week

how was your weekend?

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  • Your weekend sounds so lovely! I do hope you get the property you are looking at. Isn’t it hard to believe looking at baby clothes that our babies were really that tiny? I think there is nothing sweeter than baby clothes, well, except for the baby! :)


  • nice weekend! i hope your house dreams come true.ReplyCancel

  • sounds lovely.. I would love to have a large piece of property in the Texas Hill country if we ever move back to San Antonio.. did you make the gifts for your friends? I just started some of my holiday things to make.. we’ll see how that ends! hope you have a great week!ReplyCancel

  • Happy for you preparing for wee babe. I held a baby this morning which made me remember the joy:) Gifts and Lists. . . all so good! Happy Weekend.


  • A beautiful weekend. I’m sure that your dreams will come true. So happy for you Amanda! Here is a little from my weekend;


    Love Katie xReplyCancel

  • […] did you do this weekend? I’m linking up with Amanda from The Habit of Being… won’t you join […]ReplyCancel

  • What a splendid weekend! Here’s to warm chocolate chip cookies… I plan to enjoy a few myself tomorrow afternoon!


  • I hope your dreams of the acre block come true. Would be so nice…ReplyCancel

  • Sounds wonderful, it always does. I hope your land purchase works out.ReplyCancel

  • Oh, your weekending posts always make me want a weekend redo.ReplyCancel

  • I hope you get the land and the neighbors with the purchase. I love little tiny baby clothes, it brings back wonderful memories. Sounds like your are doing well and loving life! My weekend was pretty good, and we finally remembered to walk before dinner!ReplyCancel

  • Such a lovely and peaceful-sounding weekend. Especially the cookies. That’s one thing I had hoped to do this weekend, but didn’t quite get to. Yum!


  • oh how i loved going thru the baby clothes again. only got to do it “again” once, but it was very fun.
    Bagels and cream cheese sounds good right about now.
    Good luck with your dreams of a home to call your own. YOu can do it!

  • Your “big dream” sounds like my big dream, just acres and acres of beautiful land. Glad your weekend was lovely.ReplyCancel

  • I love your nesting stage…and the memories and giggles that little baby clothes can bring. Do you like to eat anything in your steel cut oats?ReplyCancel

  • sounds wonderful!
    ours was time with just the kiddos and Mama
    the start of our Christmas making
    homemade pumpkin bars and chicken quinoa squash stew
    peppermint coffee and tea
    warm fall days and cool evenings
    raking leaves and tending compost
    a bit of cleaning and work
    a bit of reading and rest
    Have a wonderful week!ReplyCancel

  • i hope it does all fall into place.
    happy cozy week ahead too amanda.ReplyCancel

  • Wow what a beautiful weekend that was, I really enjoyed reading about it so I can imagine how it felt :). And how exciting you are looking at new places—I will keep my fingers crossed for you…

  • Your weekend sounds truly delightful Amanda. I love simple days that just gradually unfold like this. Especially when they include a little bit of wonder and dreaming.ReplyCancel

  • I wish I could say the same about my Christmas gift ambitions. I’m awaiting my order from Mountain Rose…hoping it crosses the border in time for gift making.ReplyCancel

  • go you for finishing up gifts for friends! i am yet to even think about gifts …
    and the house looking sounds exciting, fingers crossed for you that it all works out the way you wish it to.