lest you think all my weekends are idyllic
and filled with good food, perfect children, knitting of wool, and pretty photos,
let me inform you that this weekend was none of the above.
this weekend was honey-do projects and errands,
haircuts and new shoes for the boys.
lesson plans were done
the library was visited
meals were planned and groceries bought.
the dryer died last week so the dirty laundry has taken over
and because the last several days have been 100% humidity
hanging clothes on a line was not an option.
if the new heating element doesn’t arrive soon
we will all be forced into temporarily becoming nudists.
for the sake of all those innocent eyes that may potentially be scarred
i pray for a swift arrival and even swifter installation of the heating element.
amidst all the hustle and bustle
there was time for to have and have not and a few rows of knitting.
and the christmas lists were made and oh how they made me laugh
the frog prince asked for a pet buffalo but said
if the buffalo is out of the question, a raccoon will suffice.

here’s wishing each and every one of you a very happy week!

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