weekending. my favorite part of the week. a time to relax, live, love, just be. if you’d like to share your weekend either with words, photographs, or both, leave a link to your weekend post or flickr photo in the comments, or post it on the fb page.


two glimpses from my weekend:

:: i spent saturday afternoon reading while a sweetly sleeping and congested wee lass slumbered and cooed on my chest. bending down to kiss the top of her head i inhaled the scent of baby girl – all pink and fluffy like cotton candy, smelling of contentment and magic. i made a mental note to track this, this scent of her babyhood, to notice it, to beware of its absence (because that day is coming).

:: early saturday evening in line at whole foods with bottles of wine, reggiano, strawberries, and staring googly-eyed at the man in front of me, the one that sounded very much like woody allen. i wanted to waylay him for a bit, bring him home to be one of that night’s guests around the table. i chickened out but it was fun telling the guests about him, about his mannerisms, wondering if he’d cultivated this semblance or if it was just him.

how was your weekend?

ps: february link love is up —————>

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