the week in review

:: we started several mornings this week bathing every dinosaur we own and brushing their teeth. oral hygiene is important.
:: we broke in new markers by making cards for grandpa just because.
:: the poulette read this and loved it (bunnies!).
:: someone likes to watch the cat that is not our cat out doing what she does in the great outdoors (sorry moles, the cat is faster than you).
:: oatmeal lace cookies because one of the nacho’s stuffies (teddy the t rex) had a birthday this week. there was even face painting (washable markers for the win)!
:: the poulette is studying charles martel (aka charles the hammer) and how he stopped the islamic advance into western europe so for days i’ve heard her use the word hammer whenever possible especially whenever it comes to getting something done. it’s actually pretty funny to hear this little whisp of a girl threatening to hammer something.
:: the frog prince has decided he wants two miniature donkeys, he’ll name them eeyore and esther, teach the cat that isn’t our cat to ride on their back and make a sort of circus act out of it.
:: the red bean has been learning about king charles, oliver cromwell, charles the second and when discussing the details, every time she mentions the battle of marston moor, she says the words “marston moor” in her very best british accent and every single time i say a silent thank you for a child with a sense of humor.

how was your week?

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  • I don’t mean to be technical, but that cat that isn’t yours sure pops up a lot and seems a lot like yours. Lovely week, and I too love the fact that I have kiddos with humor. Lovely look at your week.ReplyCancel

  • That reminds me that *we* need to make cards for Pop-pop this weekend. Because his birthday is next week and it looks like the weather is going to keep us from making it home to visit. :(

    Love the squeaky-clean, fresh-breathed dinosaurs… :) xoReplyCancel

  • repeat s l o w l y “my cat”. There, don’t you feel a bit better?? I miss having kids in the house doing kid things and making me laugh. Thanks for sharing a slice of your week so I could enjoy it from afar. Tell your son I’d buy a ticket to see a cat ride some donkeys.ReplyCancel

  • I want donkey’s too, please tell the Frog Prince he is more than welcome to keep his on my property!ReplyCancel

  • We spent Wednesday visiting animals who produce fiber, and the women who spin it into yarn. Beautiful blue sky, sun and mountains. Yesterday all 4 of us females got haircuts, and this morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow…which NOBODY predicted for our region! It’s rare to get a true weather surprise these days, when every TV station and web site have people predicting it for us. So that was fun. And tonight- a sleepover birthday party for the 8-year-old and 4 friends. I’m somehow not looking forward to it, personally, but the girls are excited.ReplyCancel

  • That book looks so good- love the illustrations. Too cute with the dino bath, Foghorn brings his legos in the tub.
    Happy Weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Oh yes, oral hygiene certainly is important. And donkeys? Your kids are seriously the best!ReplyCancel

  • brushing dinosaur teeth and a donkey named esther? this is THE best! thanks for sharing, have a very lovely weekend!ReplyCancel

  • carnivores need to floss. remember that.ReplyCancel

    • admin

      wonder if they prefer waxed or non? maybe cinnamint flavored?ReplyCancel

  • Oh, thank you, thank you for the glimpse into your life. I miss the days when dinosaurs took baths with my son and how my girl went through her British accent spell after reading “The Secret Garden”.

    Also, Eeyore is our family’s hero. And Tigger, too. ; )ReplyCancel

  • oh, kids with a sense of humor. A must, right?
    and parents as well.
    still looking forward to getting my mag!!

  • p.s. I know they are shipping later this month. ; )ReplyCancel

  • I just found your blog and you had me right from the dinosaur photo. Simply fantastic. I am glad that someone is looking out for their oral hygiene.ReplyCancel

  • in and between your words sits joy and warmth and deep contentment, it’s felt even from here. i would like to help dry those dinosaurs, hold the babe and eat a crisp cookie. reading your exquisite magazine has been one of my joys this week.ReplyCancel

  • So…ummm…when are you finally going to claim that poor kitty. I do believe he/she has claimed you and that is a HUGE commitment for a cat. You are now it’s people, I do believe.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda!

    I do not ordinarily consider myself a bossy sort, but–BUT!–we are listening to Bunny Detectives on CD RIGHT THIS MINUTE (well, this week), and it is, hands down, one of the best audio books I’ve heard. Polly Horvath is an absolute hoot. I’ve actually been sneaking listens in, in the car, with no kids. Then secretly rewinding, to cover my tracks. Find it, if you can. It’s a whole second level of joy.

    Now, I’m off to go find Everything on a Waffle on Audio. And Everything Else Written By Polly Horvath on Audio. I could listen to her all year.

    Okay, then. Bossy over.