randomness on a thursday

for all those asking about the knitting featured in the photo last week, this is another shot of the project which is no more. the yarn has been re-wound and i’m waiting for it to speak to me and let me know what it wants to be because that last thing was not working.


i spent some time the other day unsubscribing from email lists, newsletters, etc. i don’t know why it took me so long to do this but it felt good liberating my inbox. to be honest, it made me ridiculously happy to think that each time i clicked unsubscribe i was having the last word. take that you pitiful unread newsletter! and then i noticed that three companies sent me an email to a.) let me know i had unsubscribed and b.) ask if it had been a mistake. seriously? talk about buzz kill. in the end one click of my mouse relegated them forever into the spam folder and i still managed to get the last word. huzzah!


the mr. came home from a meeting the other evening. a while later i heard him going outside and wondered what he was up too – went to ask and he said, “i went to get my monocle out of the car.” i turned and left the room unable to even bring myself to ask about or comment on this fresh new lunacy. monocle?!?


the red bean had a bump on her wrist that became infected. she needed antibiotics so her pediatrician explained to her she could drink the nasty stuff 3x/day or take a pill 3x/day. the red bean was dubious so the ped explained how easy it was to take a pill by putting it in a spoonful of cool whip. the red bean looked at me and raised her eyebrow in question – i explained what cool whip is. she immediately declared she was willing to try the pills *if* i would get her the cool whip. rock->me<-hard place because who really wants to negotiate 2tsp of foul tasting medicine 3x/day for 10 days? i gave her a brief talk about cool whip not really being food and let her decide. she decided to try the cool whip (parenting FAIL).

we pick up the prescription, run by the post office, library and buy the blasted cool whip; all the while the red bean keeps saying, “i can’t believe i’m going to swallow pills, the kids aren’t going to believe this.” we make it home and i hand over a spoonful of cool whip with a little blue capsule tucked inside. she takes it, does a little happy dance and then walks into the mr.’s office and says, “i just took THE PILL!” he turns three shades of green, looks very panicked, and when i walk in it looks as though he’s quit breathing. i explain she is taking antibiotics in pill form not THE PILL and i tell you the waves of relief rolling off that man were palpable.

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  • *grin*

    I love these random posts!ReplyCancel

  • Ah the many ways to fool kids into taking pills. Pudding works well if you’d like an actual ‘food’ plus then there’s leftover pudding, mmmm…


  • A monocle?! That is super funny! Hee hee. I love that you didn’t even ask.
    The story about Mr. and the Red Bean’s pill had me on the floor. Whenever my daughter says certain things or tries to adjust her 6yo clothes to some style in her too-grown head, my husband completely stresses like that too!
    xo AngReplyCancel

  • Thx for my first laugh of the morning A! *

    *I need monicle explaining though. {?}ReplyCancel

  • Love these stories! Okay, and what up with the monocle? Intriguing. And I am with you…cool whip is so gross.ReplyCancel

  • I can just imagine your husband’s face!! priceless ;o)
    Funny about the cool whip. My kids dont even know it exists and I will try to keep it this way until we need to swallow a pill ;o)ReplyCancel

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  • eeeew = cool whip
    hilarious = the mr. thinking THE pill
    annoying = the key to the plus/equals sign on my keyboard has disappearedReplyCancel

  • Your photo is lovely, it does feel glorious unsubscribing, and I hope the beans bump gets better quickly, but the Kool Whip thing is alright!

    xo ErinReplyCancel

  • Oh my, I love to giggle out loud while at the computer. Thanks for sharing the funnies from your life. The monocle and THE PILL. I love it. And Cool Whip… you’d think doctors would know a thing or two. We had one who suggested giving our daughter chocolate milk to help her learn to like the taste of milk. What?!ReplyCancel

  • LMAO!!!!!!!!! Oh were going to have fun with the hubby’s when we meet up.

  • Hmm, sounds like our husbands might get along! :-)

    I really love your blog. Such beautiful photos and you’re so creative! (Found you via The Little List, I think)ReplyCancel

  • leonie

    a monocle – for real?
    laughing so hard i just about spat out my tea


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