“Although all poets aspire to be birds, no bird aspires to be a poet.” 
―Mary Ruefle, The Most of It

the habit of being_reading ruefle

Sometimes when I have a moment in between activities but not enough time to really lose myself in a book, I pick up one of Mary's books and read a page. She is a poet's poet, elevating the everyday to magic. 

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[Reading] A Field Guide to Getting Lost

“Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go.” 
―Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

the habit of being_a field guide to getting lost


“Writing is saying to no one and to everyone the things it is not possible to say to someone.” 
―Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby


I finished up A Field Guide to Getting Lost. Loved it so much I immediately turned to The Faraway Nearby. I'll just say this: reading Solnit is a stimulating experience. A voyage of making connections, seeing things in a new light, and a side of (self-) discovery. 

And with that worthwhile distraction, I'm back to reading manuscripts.

The Weekend

At almost ten months into mothering the Camellia, my Mister has insisted I get out of the house without her on my hip. I protested. I made excuses. He wondered aloud for the eleventh-billionth time, Why must you be so stubborn? My only response, Because I'm good at it.

the habit of being_the weekend


Truth is, I'm bad at asking for help and even worse at accepting it. And it's a bittersweet thing with the Camellia being the last little one to lose myself in but for the third time this week I found myself on the patio of my favorite coffee shop with a stretch of time ahead of me. Where else does one go?

I promised myself no working so I wrote a letter and  read last week's review until I got the text asking if I was bringing home lunch. So I picked up Lebanese food and spent the rest of the weekend wrestling the Camellia and burying my nose in her neck, inhaling that sweet baby smell and making her giggle with glee. It was exactly what I needed.

We had my bil over last night for boiled crabs and beer. We ended up watching one of my kids' favorite movies, The Birds, while keeping up a MST3K-inspired viewing with us adults making running commentary. The three older kids were in tears and declared it the best night ever.

How was your weekend?


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